Oh… hello, beautiful soul! It’s fantastic that you came across this page and gave me a chance to introduce myself. My name is Masha, and I am the editor-in-chief of My Skin Tips. My passion began with teenage acne a long time ago. It was a trial-and-error journey that eventually changed my attitude toward the skin. I realized that it is more than a protective cover. Our skin is the largest organ that can communicate, constantly sending signals about its condition. You may get goosebumps while listening to your favorite music or notice a pimple a day after you eat a chocolate bar. The skin connects with every part of the body, and as I realized that, I changed my tactics and began applying a holistic approach to my beauty routine.

In 2019, I earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing at Purdue University Northwest, and one of the most important skills I acquired is implementing scientific-based knowledge in practice. I truly believe it’s a self-crime to rely on unproven information, especially when discussing skin care. In 2021, I completed various medical aesthetic trainings and started my own practice. I travel a lot, trying to learn more about the concept of beauty in different parts of the world. Every country has a specific perception of it influenced by evolutionary factors, social media, and cultural beliefs. However, there is one common attribute recognized globally. Healthy skin is what we all want.

My Skin Tips is my lifetime project aimed at analyzing recent scientific discoveries and spreading them in an easy-consuming format. My articles are about skin care with a focus on beauty formulas and their ingredients. I hope you find what you are looking for, and your skin will always be healthy and glowing. Enjoy!

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