Advanced Clinicals Collagen Serum: A Product Review

Advanced Clinicals is a problem-solving skincare brand based in Chicago. It follows the highest levels of standards to create compelling products. Besides, this line has its own FDA-inspected lab, which means every formula undergoes careful examination and focuses on providing the best experience for the customers. You can find any of its products on Amazon for just under $20. What a deal..huh! To start acquaintance with this American brand, I decided to take a close look at one of its stars – Advanced Clinicals Collagen Serum. Keep on reading to learn more about my personal experience.

Box, Bottle, and Dropper

Let’s start with a simple yet attractive box. There is a lot of necessary information on each side about the manufacturer, precaution, composition, and directions for use. All information is in English and stated clearly. The bottle itself is made up of thick dark glass. Compared to plastic, this material is less porous, non-toxic, and generally not associated with a negative impact on health. Moreover, skincare products stored in a glass bottle usually last longer, keeping their benefits up until the end. To draw up the serum, you will use a round tip dropper, and it is pretty convenient because it is slightly thin. So, you can control the number of drops needed and feel like a real chemist in action.

Key Ingredients Review

There won’t be a miracle result without a good formula. So it is crucial to know what you put on the skin. Obviously, I start my review with collagen. But before we jump into this topic, let me tell you a real truth about this ingredient. You will never find a serum, cream, or whatsoever with collagen that will increase your own collagen production.

Most of the topically applied collagen molecules are too big to penetrate into the skin. Even when some “lucky ones” manage to reach the deeper layers, they will not be able to bind with the collagen existing in your skin. Despite this fact, it is still a useful ingredient. Manufactured collagen creates a film on the skin’s surface and helps hydrate it by attracting moisture and preventing water loss.

Another beneficial ingredient is a lovely Rosemary leaf extract. It is a perfect natural remedy rich in flavonoids and phenolic acids. This herb mostly acts as an anti-inflammatory agent by reducing swelling and puffiness. When it comes to specific skin concerns, rosemary has a powerfully calming effect that can be useful in treating psoriasis and dermatitis.

The next active ingredient is Aloe Vera. I am sure you’ve not only heard about this magic plant but have tried it before. It usually comes in the form of a colorless gel. Most of us use it to ease sunburn or calm irritated skin after a facial. It is a great moisturizer with anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.

The last ingredient I would like to mention is Avena Sativa extract – simple oats. It is a time-tested topical treatment that aims to restore barrier integrity and soothe irritation. If your skin is dry and itchy, this little rock star is what can bring you real relief.

My Experience

To begin with, let me state a few words about myself. I am a 28-year-old healthy woman with combination skin. Sometimes, I have blackheads on my nose, but I do regular extractions and use products with Niacinamide to keep it clean. As a skincare lover, I always try new beauty stuff to be aware of the latest trends, and Advanced Clinicals Collagen Serum couldn’t pass me by. So, I started using it three months ago, and here is what I think.

As a fan of simplicity, I’m not particularly eager to overload my skin with many products. My daily beauty routine is always basic, and when I added Advanced Clinicals Collagen, I’ve just applied it instead of my usual serum. So the experiment must be valid. Within twelve weeks, two times a day, I washed and toned my skin first and then used Advanced Clinicals Collagen. I put a few drops on each cheek and forehead, distributing them over the entire face with my fingers. The serum was perfectly absorbed in just 30 seconds. In the end, I moisturized my face with light cream or left it as it is.

After three months of regular applications, I noticed that my skin tightened and my complexion became more even. At some point, I went foundation-free because my face started naturally glowing and I didn’t want to cover it. Of course, I didn’t cope with mimicking wrinkles, but that’s absolutely normal, I didn’t expect this. The pores have shrunk a bit and the serum didn’t clog them. Although the serum doesn’t work miracles, it turned out to be a pleasure to use it! The consumption was quite economical. I have been using it for almost 3 months and there is less than half left in the bottle.

Pros of Advanced Clinicals Collagen Serum

Advanced Clinicals Collagen serum is paraben-free and not tested on animals. It is also suitable for all skin types and can provide the skin with instant plumping. Finally, this beauty product has an affordable price (under $20).

Cons of Advanced Clinicals Collagen Serum

There is no expiration date on it. To find out by which date is best to use the product, you need to send the code from the bottle directly to the company and they will answer this question. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just print?

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