Blackhead Extractor: How to Use it Like a Pro

Having clear skin is not that easy at any age. You should follow a multi-step skincare regimen that requires using a proper cleanser, doing a regular chemical peel, and – of course – performing monthly blackhead extractions. Some folks prefer to undergo blackhead extractions in the medical office, whereas others feel much more comfortable relying on at-home care, which is fine. If you know the technique and use the right instruments, your skin will be as perfect as after professional touch. So keep reading to learn more about blackhead extractor tools and the methods of using them.

What is the Blackhead Extractor?

The blackhead extractors include four main tools – the loop, Uno spoon, Vidal needle, and multiple hole spoon – aimed at unclogging pores and clearing the skin. Compared to the “traditional way” of popping pimples with your fingers, these instruments may help you minimize the risk of infection. They are made of high-quality stainless steel and can be easily cleaned with alcohol.

Before the procedure, it is critically important to prepare your skin. You need to wash your face with cleansing foam or gel to remove the dead cells. Then you apply toner with AHAs to restore pH balance and perform a cold peel to open up the pores. For detailed instructions, you can read the following article – “How to Do Manual Blackhead Extractions at Home?

How to Use the Blackhead Extractor?


Loop is a tool intended to clear out the pores. It is safe and can be easily used in at-home settings. To start working with this instrument, you should wipe your face with 3% hydrogen peroxide and let it dry. Then, you need to stretch the skin with your fingers on the area you will work on. Next, you have to take the loop and slide it across the clogged pores with light pressure. The sebaceous plug will come off well since we prepared our skin. Collect the released content with the cotton pad and move to the next area.

Blackhead Extractor

Uno Spoon

This instrument has a small spoon with thick and curved walls and a hole in the center, suitable for dealing with whiteheads. Before the extractions, you should wipe your face with 3% hydrogen peroxide and let it dry. Then, you need to place the instrument so that the whitehead is in the middle of the spoon’s hole. Next, you have to press gently on the tool and slightly move it from side to side until the greasy plug comes out from the pore. Be careful as too much pressure may cause more issues with scarring and inflammation. Also, you better avoid extracting inflamed breakouts and cystic acne and leave them for professional care.

Blackhead Extractor
Uno Spoon

Vidal Needle

Vidal needle is a tool with a very sharp lancet aimed at opening up closed comedones by puncturing them. There are two types of needles you can use: curved or straight. Some people prefer to work with a curved needle because they can see which way it’s facing. Others choose a straight needle to control the pressure exerted on the comedo. To begin working with the tool, you need to wipe your face with 3% hydrogen peroxide and let it dry. Then, you have to stretch the skin with your fingers around the lesion and insert the needle in the center of the comedo. Keep the needle inside while gently scrolling it around. Next, you have to remove the sharp point from the papule and use the Uno spoon to release the buildup.

Blackhead Extractor
Vidal Needle (curved and straight)

Multiple Hole Spoon

Multiple hole spoon is a less popular instrument, although it speeds up the process of extractions by embracing several pores at the same time. To start using it, you should wipe your face with 3% hydrogen peroxide and let it dry. Then, you have to take the tool and place it on the eyebrow line. Gently press the instrument to the skin and guide the device with dash movements to the hairline. Keep working on your forehead until it is all clean. Next, you may use the spoon on your nasal surface by carrying out movements from its base to the back. On the cheeks – from the outside of the cheeks to the nose. On the chin, guide the instrument from the bottom up.

Best Product Picks, According to the Experts

You will be surprised, but this blackhead extractor set costs less than $5, and it works. The tools are made of surgical stainless steel, minimizing the risk of infection and irritation. In addition, each of them has anti-slip handles that help control the pressure exerted on the skin. Easy to use, as it comes with detailed instructions.

What a nice set of tools! With 15 pieces, you will have everything you need for your skin problems. Great quality with flawless functionality! The instruments are stainless steel with an anti-slip handle design. They store in a small metal case that is easy to carry and put in a cosmetic bag. You will love it as they make you feel like a professional esthetician.

This is a revolutionary tool for the most curious folks. It has a device with a micro HD camera. You can easily connect it to any smartphone to observe the process of pore cleaning. The only thing you should always remember is desinfection. Clean your extractor tool thoroughly before inserting it into the device. Voila! With 20x magnification, even small blemishes will be detected and promptly removed.

We picked this set as it comes with a skin scrubber spatula, which can be a great addition to extend the results of your monthly facial. You can use the spatula right after the cold peel to remove the dead cells and prepare your skin for blackhead extractions. In this kit, you have 4 essential instruments that are good enough to solve any pore issues.

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