Blackhead Remover Tools: Overview

A monthly professional blackhead treatment is a way to keep your skin fresh and dewy. However, not everyone can afford a regular in-office procedure, as the average cost is between $80 to $200 per visit. That means you might spend about $960 – $2400 over a year, which is s a little pricey. What if I tell you that you can get rid of black dots on your own? You just need to use the right blackhead remover tool. Keep reading to find out which one fits you best.

Skin Scrubber Spatula

A skin spatula, or scrubber, is an innovative device that is broadly used in beauty offices. So, if you’ve ever had a facial appointment, you may remember that tickling feeling on your skin. Scrubber transmits ultrasonic soundwaves and high-frequency vibrations to remove accumulated dirt, sebum, and dead skin cells from the pores.

The device is pretty convenient and safe. You control the scrubber’s direction, pressure, and angle, focusing on problem zones and gently exfoliating the skin without extreme force. All in all, the device can work independently or along with other tools, like a blackhead extractor.

The procedure itself typically takes less than 15 minutes and can be easily performed in front of your bathroom mirror. Skin spatula suits all skin types, even very sensitive. Since it is used with a hydrating toner, your skin will be ultra-clean and fresh after the treatment.

Vacuum Pore Cleanser

A vacuum pore cleanser is another example of a blackhead remover tool that came from Korea, a homeland of numerous beauty innovations. The general idea of the pore vacuum is exactly what it sounds like: it creates a suction on the skin to get rid of the oil, dead cells, and other gunk that have accumulated in your pores.

The vacuum pore cleanser is easy to use. You just need to prepare your skin with steam or a warm shower before extracting anything. This step is important because you need to open up the pores. As you start treatment, stick the circular tip on your skin, then slowly slide it over your pores, keeping the suction in one place for less than three seconds.

Compared to the procedure with a skin scrubber, pore vacuuming is not for everyone. People with rosacea and very thin skin can experience bruising and irritation. Moreover, we have some concerns about using this device even by people with resistant skin since vacuuming alone is not as effective as you think. The tool cleans up the pores but only superficially. So it is better to use this device along with the blackhead extractor or replace it with good chemical exfoliants.

Blackhead Extractor

Blackhead extractors are the most effective tools that eliminate stubborn blemishes. Two of the most popular types of extractors used for removing black dots are spoon and loop. You can try them both to decide which one works for you.

If you start working with a spoon extractor, place it over the blackhead, then gently apply pressure while pushing the instrument forwards. Try it once. If nothing comes out, then it means the blackhead can’t yet be extracted. Just move to the next one. The loop works slightly differently. Place the tool on the surface of the skin so that the pimple is in the middle of the loop. Then gently press it to squeeze the content of the pore. For detailed instructions, read the article: “How to Do Manual Blackhead Extractions at Home?”

The blackhead extractor tools are not as traumatic as the vacuum pore cleanser because you can regulate the pressure applied to the skin. In addition, you dramatically reduce the risk of spreading bacteria carried by your fingers. Simply clean your instrument after each use with an antibacterial or alcohol wipe and store it in its case.

Top Picks by Our Editors

Bt-Micro Fusion is a great investment in flawless skin. It is a world-famous brand used by most professional estheticians worldwide. Now, it is designed specifically for at-home treatment. This device can target stubborn blackheads and decrease post-acne scars.

Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum

Despite our concerns over pore vacuum, not all devices are the same. The upgraded FREESHOW pore cleaner is made of eco-friendly material, non-toxic, and non-irritating. It has five replaceable heads, which carry different functions. For your convenience, you can adjust the suction levels of the device and choose the one that suits your skin type.

AOOHER blackhead remover tool kit is equipped with nine extractors. The tools are sharp and do their job quickly without creating horrible scars.

Nano Ionic Facial Steamer comes with professional 5-piece blackhead extractors set, which is a game-changer. The steamer itself is a useful device as you need to prepare your skin for an at-home facial. It generates nano-ionic steam that is more effective in penetrating the skin.

Wrap It Out

So, what do you think about taking over a new role as your own personal home-based esthetician? DIY is fun! Besides, once you invest in one of the blackhead remover tools, there are no other ongoing costs. You just enjoy the process of seeing the gunk that has been removed from your pores. Think about that.

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