Nurse Injector: How to Get Into the Beauty Industry

A nursing career in the aesthetic field is rewarding and has enough space for growth and development. So, if you are passionate about skincare, highly self-motivated, and ready to take the initiative, you can achieve great success in the beauty industry. There are two starting points to your journey. You either came over here to grab some valuable tips and begin your path from scratch, or you’ve found yourself unsatisfied with your current classical nursing role and craved for changes. In any case, it’s inspiring that you make the first step towards your dream job. Did anybody say it would be easy? Your path will be fascinating no matter how many pitfalls we overcome together. Let me show you the best way to become a nurse injector.

How to Become a Nurse Injector?

Step 1. Get an RN license

To become a nurse injector, you have to get an RN license. Well, that’s obvious. Your first step is to apply for the ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing) program, which typically lasts two years. You may go to a public college or give your preference to a private school, where tuition is somewhat higher. On average, you will spend between $30,000 to $100,000.

Picking a school can be challenging, so let me share my thoughts. First of all, many public colleges are as academically demanding as their private peers. You just need to do a deep search to find a place that makes you work for good grades. Also, keep in mind that none of the schools make you smarter if you are not hungry for knowledge. It is all about your goals and perspectives. Last but not least, no one cares where you got your associate degree unless you can solve the problems. So, the most important thing is to gain as many skills as you can to pass NCLEX and get a license.

Step 2. Pursue a BSN Degree

Earning a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) degree is not necessary but highly recommended because the pros outweigh the cons. First, you will learn how to use the evidence from medical studies to guide treatment decisions. That’s a crucial skill for the beauty industry, as so much new technology and fresh research emerge every day. Besides, a higher degree makes you a desirable candidate for employers. According to recent data from AACN, 46% of US employers would rather hire a new grad with a BSN than a nurse with an associate degree. Advanced education is definitely worth it because it can open the door to higher-paying opportunities and grow household earning potential.

If you’re already holding an RN license, you will spend about one to two years earning a bachelor’s degree. The cost of tuition depends on what type of program you will choose – online or on-campus. Distance learning is less expensive. You will spend between $25,000 to $80,000. If you stick to the traditional way, besides tuition, you will have to invest in living expenses, transportation, and supplies between $30,000 to $100,000.

Step 3. Prepare on Your Own

This step is the most undetermined because you have to rely on your own. After earning ADN or BSN degree, most nurses leave the dream of an aesthetic career behind and look for a job in a clinical setting. There are two reasons for such behavior. First of all, you may think that you spent too much time and money getting your nursing degree, and now it’s time for a guaranteed livable income. You are not ready to put your energy into a “new journey.” Another reason is that you may not have enough confidence to plunge into the new role because of a lack of skills and knowledge about skincare. There is no clear sign of where you should go.

As an experienced injector, I would say that reading books on anatomy and beauty procedures helped me a lot. I consumed everything available on Kindle and came up with a clear idea of what would be useful for every newcomer in the aesthetic field. Let me share my list of the best beauty books that will expand your knowledge.

Best Books for Novice Nurse Injectors

Any study of beauty procedures is meaningless if you haven’t explored the basics of anatomy. “The Face: Pictorial Atlas of Clinical Anatomy” is a fantastic book with high-resolution illustrations and rich descriptions.

This is the only book you will need to learn about botulinum toxin. It covers injection techniques, dosing, and pain control methods.

This book includes the application of injection techniques for the full spectrum of indications, patient assessment, hyaluronic acid science, and facial aging.

This is a well-equipped book with the most up-to-date safety issues, potential complications, and methods to resolve the problems. It boosts your confidence as you learn how to avoid the danger zones and stay safe during the treatment.

Step 4. Complete Training

After you form a fundamental base, you may turn your attention to the courses in aesthetic medicine. There are plenty of them, either online or in-office settings. From the very beginning, I would recommend learning some basic injection techniques directly from the aesthetic companies’ websites. There are short videos about proper dosage, indications, and injection techniques. They will give you an idea of what to expect in actual training.

As soon as you are ready, book a place in one of the aesthetic workshops. In my view, cadaver facial anatomy training is what you should attend first. The course involves a facial dissection of a fresh cadaver head, which allows you to understand, visualize, and practice aesthetic procedures safely. Besides this training, you may invest in other seminars and workshops to get some exposure before entering the field. It is costly but worth the expense as it shows initiative on your end for future employers. Choose hands-on training because it combines theory and practice. You will develop new skills by performing the procedure under the direct control of professionals.

Wrap It Up

Jumping into something new is scary, especially if you don’t see the way clear. I hope this article puts things on the shelves and you’ve got more interest in the beauty industry. A nurse injector is a brilliant profession because you make people happier by instilling confidence and a sense of empowerment through improved appearance with beauty injections.

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