Skin Care Mistakes Every Dermatologist Wish You’d Break

You may still have issues with your skin even if you use the most effective products and get the latest cosmetic treatments. In most cases, the main issue is related to skin care mistakes that silently ruin all the efforts. Keep reading to find out what you are possibly doing wrong.

#1 You Wash Your Face Too Often

Over-cleansing is the most common skin care mistake. It can dry out the skin and make the oil glands overcompensate by producing more sebum. As a result, the skin may get greasy and dehydrated. Wash your face no more than two times a day. In the morning, you remove bacteria that build up when you sleep. And of course, at night, you wash off dirt, excess oil, and any trace of makeup.

#2 You Don’t Wipe Your Phone Regularly

Buckle Up. Upcoming information is yucky! We, all without exception, are obsessed with our smartphones and carry them everywhere. Some of us even take the phone to the bathroom, contaminating it with germs like salmonella, E. Coli and C. Difficile. Ok, maybe you are not someone who talks on the phone in the bathroom, but your device still picks up germs everywhere. Ouch! During a phone call, the germs transferred from the device can result in severe breakouts. How to prevent this? It’s simple. Sanitize your cell phone daily and use headphones to reduce contact with your face.

#3 You Sleep With Makeup On

The night is the time when the skin recovers, rejuvenates, and creates new cells. Leaving your makeup on can interrupt these vital processes. A full face of foundation creates a film on top of the skin, making its pores clogged by oil and dead cells. Your beautiful makeup also obstructs the oxygen flow resulting dull-looking face the next morning. You can say goodbye to your clear skin if it becomes a habit. Acne, dark spots, and premature aging comes to those who neglect the night skin care regimen.

#4 You Touch Your Face All The Time

According to a study from the American Journal of Infection Control, 26 observed people touching their faces 23 times within an hour. It seems quite often and could be associated with an automatic response, a form of communication, or just a habit like biting your nails. No matter what the reason was, constantly touching your face is gross! Millions of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungus, transfer from the fingertips to the face.

For those who have acne-prone oily skin, face-touching can spread existing bacteria and lead to breakouts. The situation is worsened if you rub the skin. Rubbing the eyes can damage the delicate tissue of the eyelids or break the capillaries. These can lead to premature aging and enhance dark circles. We suggest trying a new fragrance on your hands. Smelling the unexpected perfume near your face can remind you to get your hands off your face.

#5 You Neglect Your Neck Care

On average, we spend so much energy preventing wrinkles but only in the space between chins and foreheads. The neck is often left ignored, even though this is the first part of the body to show aging signs. Let me explain to you. The skin in this area is thin and has fewer oil glands. It can’t moisturize itself and require gentle care.

The main classic risk factors are stress, cumulative sun exposure, and gravity. Besides that, the “text neck” syndrome is becoming more prevalent. Say hi to the digital era! This is a modern problem, with people bending their necks to look down at smartphones. Oh man… this inoffensive habit could have lasting effects on your neck. In addition to pain, you may notice the horizontal wrinkles on your neck develop over time. How can I prevent “Text Neck”?

Improve your posture by straightening your neck out and reducing the time you spend on your smartphone. Retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and vitamin E products should always be on your hand for home skin care. In-office beauty procedures are a great option too. Consult your health care practitioner about botulinum toxin injections to soften neck banding or fillers to fill fine lines.

#6 You Don’t Change Your Pillowcases Often

Another skin care mistake is related to changing pillowcases. It is not purely about aesthetics; it’s about your skin health. Every night we lose millions of dead skin cells, which are the primary food source for dust mites. These little zombies seem harmless but can cause allergic reactions. Besides that, our pillowcases are contaminated with oils, dirt, and sweat from daily use. Pimples, eczema, and inflammation are what you may expect if you keep up skipping the laundry.

Do you want to have healthy-looking skin? Dermatologists recommend changing a pillowcase every three days. Those with acne-prone oily skin may find it useful to wash their pillowcase with hypoallergenic detergent nightly or every night.

#7 You Use Expired Skin Care Products

Collecting different formulas is fine, but you must remember that time is ticking. As soon as you open the product, it should be used as instructed on the container. If you don’t find an expiration date, one-to-two years is a standard period for the shelf life.

It would be best to buy products in a sealed container with a pump to prevent the formula from oxidation. Revise your skin care stuff monthly. If you notice any changes in smell, color, and texture, throw the products out with no regret (even fancy ones). The expired product serves as a home to bacteria. If applied to the skin, it may cause irritation, stinging, redness, and many more unwanted reactions.

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