Niacinamide Toner
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Niacinamide Toner: Experts Choice

Niacinamide isn’t exactly a new ingredient in the global skincare market and has already proven its effectiveness. According to dermatologists, it can be used on a long basis for almost every beauty concern. With water-soluble properties, it is ideal for inclusion in topical products like toners. So, what are you waiting for?! Read the article to find the best niacinamide toner suitable for your skin.
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How to Choose Toner for Dry Skin?

When it comes to hydration of dry skin, you rarely think about toner – although it can bring a dramatic impact. By applying toner right after cleansing your face, you not only restore the pH balance but also target specific concerns. Read the article to learn how to choose the best toner for dry skin.
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Toner vs Lotion: What is the Difference?

Alright, it’s time to get out of the constant state of confusion! Face toners and liquid lotions are not the same, though they have a lot in common. There is only one difference. Click on the post to find out more.